- MAN-ifesto -
     Man’s Rage magazine is founded not just out of love of past literature and entertainment, but as a cry of rage for the decline of America and the outright racism and attack on the White Male.  Referring also to “Political Correctness” most white men of the last two generations were raised to be nice, sensitive, new age, open minded, and so forth.  We were blasted in our media how “Evil” we had been, how wrong men had been to women, to non-whites, to non western cultures.  About how the past was all bad and how the new progressive movement was all good.      And most of us bought it, hook, line and sinker.  --Gasp!  A FISHING reference!  ANIMAL CRUELTY!  Call PETA!!!---      Yes, Hook, Line and SINKER.  Crawl off and DIE, “Precious Individual Snowflake”...  Frankly, most “White Men” wanted this new “Global Village” to have a nice world with wide open borders, with trade all over the world, with an end to racism, sexism, religious intolerance and embracing a glorious future for mankind, oh so sorry the English language defaults male.  But a thing about being a man is also that you tend to hide your feelings and also be sensitive and courteous to others.  So when we faced all this stuff about how bad we’d been supposedly in the past and what we had to do to make it good we were glad to do so.  The women wanted more of a role in society, in work, fine.  The non- whites wanted an end to prejudice in the past, we were happy to accommodate.  Most of us were active in trying to end “White Supremacy” we wanted this “Global Village” and a progressive future, glad to give up the so-called privilege to be friends with people and share our prosperity.  We wanted to dance around and sing “Kumbaya” in between hard but prosperous work and have a nice world where man has a wonderful, peaceful future, not to lead but to be brothers with all men and women of all races, creeds, colors.      Problem was, it was all a fucking LIE.      The “Global Village” was a “Global Sweatshop”.      “Free Trade” meant un-tariffed flow of goods from poor countries and un-replaced jobs from rich countries leaving outwards.  These countries that provided the sweatshop tended to be either super authoritarian or near anarchic dictatorships.  And the trade was one way, try to start your own business that makes goods it sells IN any of them.  But while a few who were already rich got a LOT richer doing this, most got poorer.      We “Liberated” women from the “Kitchen”, now she and the husband work and work and work,
the TV or Pedo Bear on the Internet chat line raises the kids, but both working together make in terms of actual take-home pay LESS than decades ago a man working alone.  And along the way the family is nearly destroyed.  The mainly anti-MALE so called ‘family’ courts exist to destroy men, to grant casually no- fault divorces and give women blank checks off a man’s back, even when the woman is totally at fault.  Interestingly enough the elites at the top of the ladder keep good pre-nuptual agreements and strict male dominance, it seems like all the “New age” stuff is only for the lower classes.     Our media has been bought out, but it was done slowly over decades, only in the 90s did it really start to take hold.  We heard about the “Satanic Panic” so while Geraldo was scaring parents their kids music albums might have turned them into devil worshippers the S&Ls were being robbed blind.  We heard about the “Global Village” when tariffs were being removed and trade was going to China and other lands, often costing more but losses paid with tax money.  We were flooded with tv shows of brutal men when many divorces were purely a woman deciding to betray her husband, and the laws treated the man like a brutal thug.      We also faced how they create problems to solve them, “Problem, Reaction, Solution” as David Icke called it.     For instance, “Drunk Driving” - I was a kid but somehow I think there’s NO WAY that before the late 70s you could drive a truck the wrong way down the street, taking cuts through the school playground, a few kids embedded in the grill and Da Fuzz couldn’t touch you if you were chugging Jack Daniels...  But the TV propaganda acted like they could do nothing about Drunk Drivers and outrage prompted a ton of laws that sounded tough but only turned it into a “FINE job of Justice By Points”.  Now drunken drivers get caught again and again and again, only going to jail maybe when they finally kill someone.  But along the way the states print themselves $10,000, $20,000, escalating checks every catch and release that they get immediately then the drunk driver maybe pays back.  So the incentive is to actually “Catch and Release” and do little about any root causes, any prevention measures, just keep catching and releasing, piling up tons of points and extra fines for no insurance, broken lights on the car, etc.      Thus it shall be a constant focus of Man’s Rage Magazine to shed light on “Men’s Rights” especially and issues of social justice to men.  The Controllers are waging a war on White Males, as a spearhead to enslaving all humanity.