What do you mean, FREE articles?
By nature we will be a “For Profit” publication.  The first issue is free, perhaps another “First issue Redux” later to supplement it, and ads are used.  The main content will be for a small fee, such as a .pdf download.  But some articles will be placed online to help get a feel for the magazine, to say what needs to be said sooner than later, to add more content to the whole.  There will be ads, though click only, no big flash popup on the screen and dumb movie.  And ads in the product, the downloads we sell, though again not obtrusive. This is because we are non-PC and retro.  This is because PAY journalists money for articles, writers for stories, and the stuff we put out mostly won’t be available anywhere else on the web even.  This is because we’d like to make enough money to quit or not desperately need the “Day Job”. For now, the core group -I’m the editor here- are the only ones being exploited, and that is a voluntary risk/decision as part of this venture, investing our time and effort and money to get this thing started.  We take the effort and time to find stuff the news won’t mention that does affect you, especially if you are a MAN.  We do have ads also, but they will not be too intrusive nor contain attack scripts or any of that garbage.  It’s a balance.  Ads will help us pay initially for content then a small fee from readers will make this very profitable if it becomes popular, befitting those that choose to advertise with us. Note there’s plenty of “Free” content online...
And you get what you pay for, if you are lucky.  Major news sites are popular enough they can afford to have no user content but ads.  But wait...  Do you really trust the news anymore for anything hard-hitting?  Exposes of Jobs sent overseas, of corrupt deals hacked out by local politicians?  More or less you expect fluff and scandal and dished out but meaningless ‘controversy’.  Oh, and even the big dogs don’t like to PAY their journalists.  Uh, we’ll publish your stuff, for FREE dood, but that’ll get you exposure, man?  Let’s talk about the ads, too.  Besides the threat of advertisers withdrawing support, have you ever had attack scripts that suddenly hijack your browser to force you to or through various other sites?  I’ve had these from major websites.  I need to use virus scan to protect from stuff on “Major Media” sites that I used to need to protect from the so-called ‘adult’ part of the net.  This part gets relatively clean and virus free once you start going to LEGIT porn sites that charge a small fee for content...  There should be a lesson there... They need the money so much anyone uploads attack code they wait till the complaints pile up before maybe asking them to remove them.  No bizzaro flash widgets here.  I don’t care what advertisers do on their own websites, but here its an image and a link.  I will love our advertisers, but as helpers, not as a boss. For a smaller business of this nature, “Free” but with ads lead to burn out.  The big media companies can charge big $ for ads.  We can’t we won’t.  If you have your own magazine or product consult our ad page, its pretty cheap.  But those ads if we fill them will easily help pay for more content and especially hire a number
of independent journalists per article that otherwise a major multimedia company would have trouble hiring.  Well they could, but they don’t actually. Also, if we were totally ad supported, once we became popular it’d be the “Kiss of Death”.  We can handle this site and many many many #1 downloads given modern technology.  But if we were no charge and had only ads a surge in popularity would mean only a few more advertisers and raising the price to our initial advertisers and a sudden need for far greater bandwith and equipment than now.  That’s why a lot of projects fail when they get popular.  This model if we get many thousands of visitors a day and many buy the newer issues and some catch up on old issues as we progress this venture will become very profitable and earlier advertisers will be rewarded and newer advertisers will come into play. But, another person who was well known as a sci-fi author and editor pointed out you don’t do it for money truly but for what you love.  He later took his own advice on what he’d do if he really wanted to make money, and well the group he started still around and sue happy and have lots of resources, don’t want to mess with them!  The reason we chose this business model is for the most freedom in publishing the stories we want and saying what we want in an increasingly monolithic monopolized industry. We therefore can publish what we want without fear of an advertiser having too much power, but also not publish based purely on a “Bottom Line” that inevitably feeds “Political Correctness”.  When issues for sale are available there will be a good preview PDF so you know what you are getting.  Please support us by buying the issues as we make them available for download sales if you ever missed all the cool fantasy, sci fi, biting journalism, men’s adventure magazines that used to be a big part of American culture.  In this depressed economy you indeed can “Vote with your dollars” - the more sales we generate the more we can argue people want our product, the more advertising and attention we will get.  If this is successful it will spark other media ventures, both from us and from others realizing there’s possible profit in old style but newly written pulp adventure.  You will make a change if you support us more than you would think possible. Thank  you for your support! The Editor.