“On Stand your Ground” - revisited by the Editor of Man’s Rage Magazine
re-written from a blog entry when the site was in beta
The media puppet show has brought the issue of laws meant to protect Americans exercising their right to self-defense to the limelight to vilify them. The two most used examples, Zimmerman who was acquitted of shooting in self-defense a black man beating his head into the concrete, and Michael Dunn who was convicted of shooting at some potentially violent black teenagers who were enraged with him when he dared ask them to turn their eardrum bursting violent hate music down. Instantly, the media turned it into a racial issue, and quickly set up a “Left/Right” public thought framework.  If you were “Right” you were obviously FOR unlimited “Stand Your Ground”, were white, subconsciously if not openly a racist, and for mainly killing blacks and immigrants… If you were “Left” you were either a non-white, such as a black or latino, or if white some kind of “Hippie Liberal” who wants a “Nanny state” where no one dares do anything, but just lives under cameras on welfare and anyone starts attacking you push a panic button “Hallp me!  Hallp me!” hoping the police will get there in time to give care and attention to your attacker… Yeah, right, whatever… The real issue is the right to defend yourself. AND the need for it in light of modern “Justice by Points”. In the past, a District Attorney worked with the police in the case of a ‘self-defense’ case.  They talked thoroughly with all parties involved and used their education and experience to work out a best “What happened for real” situation.  Whenever it was clear “Self-defense” they never prosecuted and issued statements that they judged it justified.  The case was usually closed. “Castle” laws and “Stand your Ground” laws came later. The media in their lie puppet show have pushed the more modern, NRA funded, “Stand Your Ground” and “Castle Laws” as unnecessary and catering to extremist groups, racial fear, etc. But is there another issue?  Is there reason beyond racist/extremist fear-mongering? There is.  Both a policy change and an economic change. The first, and most serious issue is the changing face of law enforcement.  We are now living in a “Justice by Points” legal system where no one is innocent unless a jury says so.  Where the police and prosecutors look for any reason to arrest and convict anyone, only hurting themselves when they do not do so, and where an ‘arrest’ even without a conviction can be ruinous. The second, we don’t like to hear this, we really don’t have the money we used to.  That’s a bigger issue this magazine is going to focus on, along with the abomination of “Justice by Points”.
Right now, the “Stand Your Ground” and “Castle Laws” are some of the last bits of safety and dignity a non elite has in any security in his personal safety and property. Let’s also de-bunk another lie: That those opposed to “Stand Your Ground” aren’t talking about the “Castle” laws.  Liars.  If you lose your right to defend yourself in public to the point the prosecutor has to be dead sure you were in the wrong, do you not think you in your home will be next? Let’s say a man is in his home with his family, and late at night some people break in to steal anything and they plain do not care that people are in the house.  They might murder the family inside for fun or ignore them, its random.  And this isn’t “Racial” plenty of Roaches have shells in all sorts of shades, from ebony to white with Meth pock marked scars.  And lets say he shoots them to defend his family and property… Now, with “Castle” laws, he can not even be arrested.  Not unless the Prosecutor is so sure he did something that crossed it, like invited them in to kill them and he is dead sure he can prove it, will he be even arrested.  No facing a jury, no arrest. Let’s go over the arrest issue first- Take note that for non “McJobs” an “Arrest Record” is a career killer.  In our depressed economy far too many apply for too few jobs.  A regular feature in computer sorting is a bunch of “Flush him” filters and an arrest or criminal record is usually #1.  They don’t get to speak to a human who can make a choice in the matter, just no reply ever for non McJob applications.  And an “Arrest” record can easily get a person fired, again a computer puts out an automated “Order” and the human resources person has to fire him, or be fired herself for not doing it.  The only person who can make a choice is on a beach in Tahiti wondering who to lay off for his next yacht and shouting to his lobbyist to get him that next tax break to move another plant overseas.  If the employee being laid off over this somehow manages to call him he’ll only pretend to be nice long enough to find out who gave him that number.
But without “Castle” laws, this is only the final misery years later.  The ordeal is just beginning. The Prosecutor lives on Convictions, on “Justice by Points”.  There’s been a crime, an attempted burglary, where is the person/persons to pack in jail and saddle with tons of charges?  Whoops!  They are dead.  Their victim had teeth and killed them.  Well now there’s a crime but no “Points”!?  Unless they can blame the victim! Make it clear you see pure lies on TV.  They don’t care who’s guilty or innocent.  Those guys are retired or got laid off/passed over for promotion.  The ones that remain only care to get “Points” and the more “Points” they get are better off.  Justice is in the toilet.  Were it not for the “Points” they’d surely get they’d let Fred Kruger walk by covered in blood, his red footprints leading to a day care center So they take the person who defended himself, his family, his property and he’s arrested and kept incommunicado for days, sometimes weeks.  Often they handcuff him in a secured metal chair for days, sometimes a week or more and let him sit in his own waste.  They hit him, in places that don’t bruise easily, shout at him, keep light in his eyes, hold a gun in his face.  Its not ‘interrogation’ it’s a form of torture merged with brainwashing.  They don’t care who really did anything, just to try to get someone to confess but barring that keep talking till after days and days and days of stress, fear, depression they say enough they can carefully cut and twist.  “I never killed her, you’ll never prove I killed her” becomes “And he said I killed her”… So if a confession is obtained, they usually get a conviction.  But, weeks, months later it goes to court, at fastest.  In the meantime there’s either the violence of jail or the ruin of ‘bail’. For almost any murder charge if bail is not denied its placed insanely high.  Usually a million or more.  There’s a special breed of usurer who preys on this, the “Bail Bondsman”.  The usual factor is that say there’s a bail of $1 million they want $100,000 for them to put up the money so if the accused tries to run the “Justice by Points” system is fed.  It’s a high risk so we can’t say its not justified, but of course we don’t have that much money lying around these days.  To secure that money very often savings are decimated, loans at again usurious interest are taken out, property is sold at a huge loss.  Even if later he is found not guilty this is still lost. The alternative, if its not the only choice is prison, and outside of prisons reserved for rich elite, there are tons of violent people there who will indeed single out honest working people who defended themselves, double plus if the lie media is saying it’s a ‘racial’ issue.  For profit prisons also tend to force work from people awaiting trial, making them prisoner slaves like in China. Then, getting to trial, again a “Public Defender” can almost guarantee a conviction.  To defend oneself properly, even in clear cut cases of self-defense there is a massive amount of money required.  At this stage 90% of treading water middle class are bankrupt, deeply in debt and the marriage is about to fail.  The “Not Guilty” verdict often a year later is hollow.  And the misery is not over. A marriage usually ends after this stress.  Our modern anti-male injustice system is set to destroy the family – again this is a bigger issue to be handled in depth later in this publication – but essentially a woman has every incentive to ditch her man at any stress and get all the money and none of the debt.  Unless the guy is lucky enough to have a “1%er lawyer” as a friend who drew up a pre-nup worth the paper it was printed on…  The “Family” courts (aka “Destroy the Family” courts) then savage the man, take the children, add a mountain of debt. Now he’s lost his job, his business if he had one, all his assets and savings.  But there’s more. Guess what!?  Even Roaches have family!  Lots of them! They might have let them crawl in the same diapers for weeks eating real insect roaches on the meth chemical burned carpets.  They might have burned their feet with an iron, beaten them, molested them, abandoned them even before protective services got around to taking them.  But suddenly “They was mah baby!” the lie media turns them into some young men just about to enter college and was only walking home that night.  The social media of them boasting their crimes, the gold teeth implants, the ‘selfies’ with a gun disappear and the media doesn’t mention it and anyone pointing it out is a ‘right wing hate racist’ not someone trying to expose the other side of the story. And they SUE and sue and sue.  And at this stage they usually win, for the accused, guilty or not can’t afford a lawyer anymore and their own lawyer is a speculator.  He’s only billing himself so he can keep it in trial for years unless he gets money, and he gets 50% easily.  You’d think they can’t squeeze blood from a turnip but in today’s false economy they can.  Instantly any awards are sold
to yet another breed of usurer who pays a fraction of it then makes it their mission to squeeze every single drop they can from the person.  This often triggers the divorce, even if the wife stands by her man, for if she hasn’t divorced him its near 100% she’ll be sued with him.  Some of these might even be desperation arrangements so the wife and kids get what little assets he has before the family of the vermin do. This is the world without “Stand Your Grounds” and “Castle” laws. Just check out places they don’t have it for examples… These laws are not to give “Right wing racist gun nuts a license to kill”.  They are to be a barely sticking band aid to make it so we are “Secure in our homes and property” that if we do have to use deadly force to defend ourselves the “Justice by Points” system has to be dead sure we are guilty before being able to ruin us casually for “The crime of self-defense”. They say that these laws are applied in a racist manner, cherry picking incidents where a black person had good “Castle”/”Stand your Ground” case but got charged and convicted…?  Well those should be addressed separately.  White or black, a man should be allowed to use deadly
force to defend his home, his person against an attacker.  Yes, we aren’t “Racist” (we are non-PC, but not Racist) let’s say a gang of WHITE kids use meth till they are covered in scabs and now kicked out of their homes they wander around robbing people, killing them sometimes and break into a home to rob it and kill the occupants.  Even if they happen to be black we are all for the homeowner (or renter) to be able to pull out a gun and shoot them dead and NOT be arrested, charged, etc. unless there’s good evidence they somehow set it up. They say also these laws could/have been abused to let killers walk free when it is dubious their claims.  Totally agree.  You see we are for the concept of a country called “America” where the burden of proof in any criminal case is by FAR on the prosecution.  This does indeed mean many guilty could walk free to assure that it be less likely an innocent is convicted wrongly.  It’s a direct flip of the finger to the “Controllers” who were represented by the King of England at the time.  And nothing personal to the current Queen (though a King looks likely soon) we need that FINGER flipping High and Mighty at the controllers whoever they inhabit to tell them when they plan to do their “Population Culling” they’d better be ready to fight to the very last man, woman, child that they aren’t going to have sheep being led to the slaughter… There’s a “Greatest Judge” who’ll get around to all of us at some point.  On that note we hope he’s very forgiving, none of us are “Without Sin”.  So whatever goes on in such a situation he’ll attend to, knowing the real truth in deed and heart.  And if you don’t believe in him, then we only have Man’s justice.  Man’s justice is flawed, it’s just meant to be the best we can come up with.  But it is also not absolute and indeed error must be introduced to assure minimum oppression of the innocent. On writing this the editor wishes to make clear he’s in no way eager to shoot anyone, even with castle laws/stand your ground.  Most danger situations he’d avoid for a lot of reasons. But if people tried to attack him and there was no way to just run, or if drug addicts burst in at night, he’d HAVE to do what is necessary to protect himself and also his family and loved ones. He’d not be a MAN if he was not able to. And that’s just what “The Controllers” want. As an afternote, this isn’t just a depressing media article on another wrong with society.  Man’s Rage Magazines tries to offer solutions.  Here they are, not instant band aids, but suggestions that might help correct this.  And some solutions are used again and again in other articles, that is the point: 1.  “Keep informed” – ignorance and apathy are evil’s greatest weapons.  Sadly we can’t trust the “Media’ anymore, no not even here, we have to talk with people, learn from more than a few AP feeds or news sites, starting locally working globally. 2. “Jury Nullification” – make sure you learn about it and practice it if necessary.  No way is a tween girl who plays show me with a cell phone an “Adult Illegal Pornographer” likewise unless they can prove there’s way more to the story is a person who acts in self-defense a “Racist killer”. 3. For local officials vote, and read more than “Points”.  Any prosecutor boasts about a ‘conviction rate’ that’s the guy who’ll try to make guilty an innocent, to turn a petty crime into a major crime, to have the police sit early in the morning to shake down people for no auto-insurance fines.  Justice is NOT points. Afternote-2 Last, certainly least, but not unimportant, this is to the VERMIN who rob and kill people.  Black or white, be you a ‘gangbanger’ who’s decided to rob whitey since you robbed your own community dry first or some meth head who’s burglarizing a house…  This isn’t you now, you are probably seeing this site long after this is written since it’s been perhaps flagged as a “Hate” site or since I mentioned Meth more for example a search of Erowid triggered it.  So you aren’t so far gone reading it, so this is in case some bit of it flashes into your mind… Well, the first best way is to make sure people aren’t in the home.  Say during the day when the worker sheeple are at work, the police watching them on the way to work hoping they have a tail light burned out so they can fine them and check them for insurance to fine them more.  When vermin like you are sleeping while the sheeple run to work, so they are least likely to encounter you and get shot by them.  They aren’t police for justice any more, just points so better money and insurance wise to be up early in the morning shaking down the worker slaves.  Run in, steal quickly, run away.  Easiest way to avoid capture short term and avoid this more serious situation.  It’s no longer dark at night but fewer people out, you are more likely to be caught at night than a quick run but otherwise normal behaviour during the day.  Vile behaviour but your are less likely to kill anyone or get killed by anyone, unleashing this nightmare. So just in case later you are confronted by a homeowner or vigilante neighborhood watch man with a gun, here’s the best way to get out of the situation alive and with a slap on the wrist. First go - “I surrender!” Second, immediately drop or place down any weapons/stolen items. Third, lie on the floor face down or if not within arms reach, then face against the wall. Fourth, repeat “Call the cops!  I surrender!” and keep that way. You see, “Stand your ground”, “Castle” laws aren’t a “Liscence to Kill”.  They are just really guidelines that forces the Persecutor to use what would have been common sense before charging your victims as if they were the criminals.  If they shoot you dead, face to the wall, to the ground, guess what the police can and will arrest them and then they’ll be screaming “And he shot them, EXECUTION STYLE!” to the Jury… By far, most likely you’ll wait for the cops.  The “Right wing racist/psychopath gun nut” will shoot you dead before you can get to step #1 without talking to you.  More likely you’ve just surprised a normal “Sheeple” who’s only real danger at that point is an accidental shot as he’s trembling.  But he’s still more likely to shoot you and hit if you attack him than not. And then when the cops arrive, let them arrest you, make sure they read you your rights, lawyer up. Do NOT talk to the cops save “I invoke my right to remain silent, I want a lawyer.”  You do have to ID yourself, etc. but no “What were you doing there?” just “I invoke my right to remain silent.  I want a lawyer.” And if they try keeping you handcuffed to a chair for days, sh-tting in your pants, etc. complain loud about that “ACLU!!! They are TORTURING ME!!!! I want a lawyer!!!” it’ll be all recorded since they want you to talk and talk and talk till if you don’t confess you say stuff against yourself.  So hold out a long while, you’ll talk to a lawyer, the “Justice by Points” system will offer him a good deal for you, then you’ll do less time…  Not that you don’t deserve it, but our system is so whacked all you do is cost anyways.