National Police Gazette
A very long running magazine of social issues for America and the world.  This site holds the rights to the publication and houses a nice sampling of work and much as this project attempts to re-start the pulps and men’s adventure they try to carry on that news magazine’s traditions.  A lot of fun to read and every bit as Non-PC as this place
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This is kind of a personal note to someone.  Essentially in this wide web there’s a neat magazine I like that publishes in RL and digital sporadically, mainly focused on fantasy.  They also have a very active Blog I like a lot that deals with fantasy and scifi from the past, now, the future...  Matter of fact a few long term discussions there inspired THIS project.  Yet, when I launched it the editor refused ANY mention of my project on his site.  Oh, they don’t mind showing Conan, women in chain mail bikinis, classic “Pulp” adventure reprints, even the occasional mention of John Norman’s “Gor” but try any NEW non-PC project for pulp fantasy/men’s adventure that is against ‘Political Correctness”, written with White Men in mind instead of any and every other culture but...?  Nope Nope Nope, can’t find any space for that, a return to the fantasy that laid the FOUNDATION of the modern PC drek that feeds of what they think is its rotting corpse... Now this isn’t some crude personal attack, you know who you are, I won’t mention to anyone - BUT -come ON, man.  The “Other side” deserves its say.  Just make an initial mention of my site and let the writers at their discretion mention Man’s Rage stories and articles, even if they write scathing criticism I’m cool, lots of my favorite stuff came from scathing criticism of it - but don’t hide your head and pretend we don’t exist.  We are going to publish a LOT of excellent fantasy, sci-fi, adventure stories and over time we will get popular enough you’ll need to mention WHY you ignored us later, and it won’t look good.  This isn’t a personal attack.  I’ve got the “Dish best served cold” (literary, no RL illegal activity) planned for quite a number of other publications, but I LOVE your magazine, publication, I realize we don’t see “Eye to eye” on every level, big F*cking deal, that means we have “Niches” that don’t compete with each other.  You can take up the mainstream while I revive the “Pulp” non-PC fringe.  Anyone bleats a pic of a lady in a chainmail bikini is sexist, send them here, I’ll teach them what that means! So, you know who you are, please just gird yer loins, make a mention of my publication, lots on the site showed interest when I hinted about it, and for them at least it’d be polite.  In return I planned to always link on the site and in the PDFs your blog, no charge, to help now and later, that’s worth dealing with some “Precious individual snowflake” now and again who’ll whine their inner child is hurt, who probably didn’t ever buy your magazine anyways.  Again, send them my realm, I’ll be “Chester the Molester” to their “Inner Child” they’ll never bleat about anything on your site again! So, you know who I am and how to contact me.  Please email me you are publishing a mention/review of my magazine I’ll quickly replace this with your site link and edit the pdf so the ONLY ad in the magazine #1 on the ad page is a link to YOUR place.  Overall the readers will like it many more times than those that won’t and those that won’t well IMO they are complainers, not readers, not customers...
“How should a MAN live?” Yes, I do like Gor and Prof Norman.  Guilty as charged.
The latter era of the great “Pulp” adventure was the “Men’s Adventure” magazine era, mostly catering to post WW2 men till the 60s/70s were used as an excuse by media controllers forcing the PC Lie to stop their publication.  This site is full of art, articles and even pay to download links of many classic Men’s Adventure Magazines.  Prepare for Whip Mad Shayks, Nazis with swastika branding irons, Crazy Hippie Hells Angles, burlesque strippers and tons of WEASELS out to rip your FLESH!  Be a MAN and stand up for all that cool awesome stuff!